This is a page dedicated to presenting a sample of the music I’ve made throughout my life. If nothing else, it’s definitely a testimony to what you can accomplish with Garageband. This archive is a work in progress, as I still have quite a few recordings still to add.

Assembly At Dusk (2011-2014)
I was the singer. I quit in December 2014 to focus on writing.




Alcott Jones (2007)
I bought an acoustic guitar. This is what happened. Mostly covers. Mostly also doing a Tom Waits impression by way of my The Pathos of Clytaemnestra death grunt. I definitely nailed the voice best on “When I was a Boy”.
I played and recorded everything.
1. When I was a Boy (Original)

2. Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)

3. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash Cover)

4. Tangerine (Led Zeppelin Cover)


The Pathos of Clytaemnestra (2006)
After the demise of The Total End, I decided it was time to put my efforts where my heart was. My idea was to write a few death/doom metal songs for the purpose of seeing if I could find people with whom I could finally start a metal band. This are those original songs.
Everything played, written and recorded by me. Drums programmed by me. Recording these songs took FOREVER. I worked some sleight of hand to play some of these riffs, such as recording part of a chord and then going back through again and playing the other notes I couldn’t reach, thus giving the illusion that I’m playing an entire minor bar chord. 
1. Quintessence of Dust (Intro)

2. Relative Irrelevance

3. The Human Quest for Self-Importance

4. The Death Throes of Meaning


Unnamed Hardcore Punk Band (2005-2006)
One person Hardcore punk band. This band I very much wanted to actually do, but it just never happened. For me, this should have been the sequel to The Total End. I would love to have heard these songs with real drums. 
 I wrote, played/recorded everything and programmed the drums. I’m particularly proud of my guitar playing on these songs. (Because I am far from a “guitarist”.)

2. Identity Fraud

3. Never Enough

4. What Threat?

5. A Scale of Self Worth

6. Zinester Gospel


Insomniakz (2005)
I made a hip hop song. 
I think that at least some of the music is just garageband samples. I don’t even remember. 
1. Knife Fight


Diskärlek (2005)
My one person “Observational Crust” band. Really, a parody of a crust punk band.
I wrote, played/recorded everything and programmed the drums.
1.Borders Break Hearts

2.The War In The Fridge

3.Total Love Control

The Fiasco (2004-2005)
My one person indie rock band.
I wrote, played/recorded everything and programmed the drums.
1. The Dying Alive

2. Beth Til Death

3. Cold Coffee

4. Oh, Oh Joey Ramone

5. Hallpass To Hell (Alt version of Joey Ramone)


The Total End (2003-2005?)
Embarrassingly, I don’t remember exactly when The Total End began or ended, but Matt (Diallo), Matt (Behind Enemy Lines), Mickey (Diallo), and Tim were writing a bunch of music after Diallo had broken up and nobody was writing any lyrics, so eventually they asked me if I would give it a shot. I did, and this is the result. It’s the second time I was able to get out from behind the drums, and the first time it translated into actual recorded music. I loved this band. In a way, I think it might still be my favorite. It felt important. Eventually, Tim moved to Arizona and Mickey moved to Philly to join RAMBO. Eventually, I was the only left in CT and that was that.

EP: 2004. Recorded by that dude Will from Orchid who has a recording studio in MA. I felt like I had really found my voice here, so of course we broke up shortly after. Another example of a great punk band that fizzled out too soon.Total End EP
1. Stolen in the Night

2. Flight of the Bastards

3. These Weapons Kill Dreams

4. No Solution